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Languages.luWie sinn ech? Who am I?

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"Wie sinn ech? Who am I?" is an innovative learning material with 55 cards with one side in Luxembourgish and the other side the translation in English. This game allows you to practice Luxembourgish (and English) in a playful way and, in the same time, discover and learn more about the culture and history of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Each of the 55 cards brings you a description of an important figure from the past or present of the country, either real or fictional, including the Grand Duc Henri, Ermesinde, John the Blind, Pierre Werner, Melusina, Andy Schleck, Lea Linster, Joseph Barthel, Jean-Claude Junker, Xavier Bettel, and also a few of other famous people including Coco Chanel, Leonardo da Vinci or Steve Jobs. The principle is simple: you read the description and try to guess who it refers to. The game can be played at family dinner parties either individually or in teams.

This is a synthesis of the language school Languages.lu's 15 years of practice in the field of teaching languages in Luxembourg and an expression of our continuous efforts to create the most interesting and useful programs for our clients and partners.

This innovative learning tool aims to stimulate people's interest for languages in general and the Luxembourgish language in particular.

To practice your oral comprehension, we would be delighted to offer you free of charge the 55 audio files for each card; once you ordered the game, simply send us your e-mail address via our Languages.lu web site.

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