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The Swimming WT is a jig head with a hydrodynamic profile. It is equipped with a quick release system for small hooks. OMTD suggests the use with the Offset Worm Profile Mini series OH1600M, that guarantees a unique mobility of your bait.
OH1800-3 Hook size 3-Weight 3.5g-1/8oz 3pcs in package
OMTD by Molix is an Italian brand, its design was inspired by the increasing evolution of the fishing lures
A completely Italian idea for hooks and Jigheads with peculiar features, created for fishermen demanding and attentive to the ongoing development of the fishing techniques.
The design, the performances, and the technology are three fundamental elements of OMTD. The company has made sustained efforts in the research and in the innovation with the aim of offering fishermen hooks and jigheads, for professional or for free time fishing, of great functionality and design.
An Italian design that interprets the design culture of the project to develop solutions and new materials and that often works closely with fishermen to bring ideas, insights, and experiences from many parts of the world.

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