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100 expressions you need to master in Luxembourgish

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«100 expressions you need to master in Luxembourgish» is an innovative learning package of flash cards.
On one side you will discover daily expressions, words and sentences one needs to learn first in Luxembourgish.
On the other side of the cards you will find the translation in English, French, German and Romanian, so it can help you get started in any of these other languages as well.
This is a synthesis of the language school's 15 years of practice in the field of teaching languages in Luxembourg and an expression of our continuous efforts to create the most interesting and useful programs for our clients and partners. This innovative learning tool aims to stimulate people's interest for languages in general and the Luxembourgish language in particular.
To work on your oral comprehension and prononciation, you can receive the audio files for each flash card by simply sending us the email address at which to send them to you, via our website,
Pickup could be arranged from The Office City (29, blvd. du Prince Henri).
Un tout nouvel outil ludique a été créé pour apprendre les expressions de la vie courante en luxembourgeois.
Il y a du nouveau pour tous ceux qui veulent apprendre le luxembourgeois de façon ludique! La fondatrice de l’école de langues, Clara Moraru, Luxembourgeoise d’origine roumaine, a conçu et réalisé les flashcards «100 expressions que vous devez connaître en luxembourgeois».
Il s’agit d’un apprentissage ludique et innovant dont l’objectif est de stimuler l’intérêt des gens pour la langue luxembourgeoise.
Pickup possible chez The Office City (29, blvd. du Prince Henri).

The audio files can be donwloaded free of charge from our website below:
Click on "Download audio files" under the description of each learning material.

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