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Wolfe, Brian: Fun Face Painting Ideas for Kids

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Design a silly face...or a scary one, or a fairy one, or anything else you can dream up!The world-renowned authors of Extreme Face Painting are taking it back to the basics, with some innovative twists. All ages and all skill levels will learn the secrets to creating awesome face art with easy-to-find materials, friendly instruction for beginners, and fresh inspiration for more seasoned face painters.• 40 all-new, step-by-step projects.• Award-winning expert techniques for creating believable face paint designs.• Beginners will learn to paint everything from simple flowers to a full Frankenstein face.• Intermediate artists will learn techniques for creating the look of fur, the illusion of depth, and more intricate designs like and owl mask or a spitting cobra.So grab some supplies and get ready to put a new face on fun!

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