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Protect Nature and those who serve Her.

Tocrop imports and delivers in France & Benelux innovative low carbon organic products for ecological transition. Tocrop offers also well known health solutions.
Tocrop is the importer of the following companies
- Ray Guard (Switzerland), the main Swiss company for anti-5G solutions
- Bio-Energy, the largest privately owned low carbon natural agricultural products company in Northern Europe.
- Bano, Austria's most popular traditional mountain cosmetics and health products company

Our products:
- Bio-Energy: Natural and organic low carbon products to produce your own organic fertilizers on the farm, in the garden, in green spaces, improve your economic margins and your ecological impact by reducing the release of greenhouse gases.
- Ray Guard : Protection of your health, your family, animals and your farms against electromagnetic waves& against 5G
- Bano : Traditional natural products of the Austrian mountain people for Health & Wellness
Tocrop allows you with our products :
- to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases
- improve the profitability of your farm, your garden, the quality of your ecological footprint&your standard of living
- to improve your health
to improve your well-being at the office, at home, at the hotel and at the farm.

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