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RayGuard Home Swiss Pine anti-4&5G

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Created by Ray Guard, the Swiss reference company for anti-waves products since 1998, the Ray Guard Home swiss pine is ideal for retirement homes, nurseries, hotels, houses, open space offices, stables, henhouses located near 4&5G antennas or High Voltage lines. This beautiful wooden object, with a RayGuard anti-4&5G device inside, with a 15 m efficiency radius, is as discreet as it is beautiful and efficient.

Test reports from several well-known research institutes validating these effects are available on our site. Without protection, human cells renew 76% in the presence of strong electro-magnetic fields, but regenerate 97% when Ray Guard technology is applied (Source: University of Molecular Engineering Bologna, test confirmed by Prof. Doepp in Munich).
This natural anti-wave technology, based on the absorbing/diffracting properties of certain metals and Rare Earths, is also used in the paints of American stealth aircrafts, invisible to radar.

In a world where electro-magnetic density and digitalisation will continue to increase, silently attacking our cells and the normal functioning of our body, opening the way in the medium term to the most painful diseases for oneself and one's environment if one is not properly protected, Ray Guard technology is now an indispensable tool in the modern world.
Very appreciated by the families of electro-sensitive people and mothers of babies who generally find a good sleep in his presence.

Duration: Permanent
Material: Swiss pine wood
Effective anti-wave range: up to 15 metres - 700 m².
Dimensions: diameter 250 X height 130mm
1 RayGuard® anti-4&5G - Swiss home pine

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