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F.U.R.O.R.E. (Furore, Caffè Crema) 100% Arabica

Made in Luxembourg
Social and sustainable
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The F.U.R.O.R.E. is one of our first coffee blends and since then inspires our customers with its full and fine taste. The Furore is low in acidity and digestible and was specially adapted by us for the fully automatic coffee machine or as a long cup for the portafilter machine.

It consists of 4 Arabica single varieties that are individually roasted and then blended. This is how the distinctive, complex taste is created.

Its low acidity additionally distinguishes this coffee and makes every sip an experience.

Traditional roasting process in the drum roaster

All coffees at Mondo del Caffè are traditionally refined in the drum roasting process. This process makes the coffee particularly aromatic, easy on the stomach and digestible. We roast our coffees in small batches (12 - 30 kg) at a maximum of 220° for about 18 - 22 minutes. The coffee is cooled with air and not with water. For a perfect, intense and aromatic enjoyment!

Mondo del Caffè - Fair Trade!

In search of the best coffee specialties and rarities in the world, we are also away from home for you. Our unique project coffees come from India, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and Ethiopia, among others. From these and other countries we trade our green coffee completely without middlemen and pay fair prices to the families who manage the plantations (about 2 - 3 times the current world market price). The result is that the families can live from the cultivation of the coffee. Also, the overall quality increases because the farmers are able to invest in the structure of the farms. This results in very special coffees with character and background.

Mondo del Caffè - the special coffee experience!

We have been roasting selected coffees in our own roastery since 1999. There, we ensure the best freshness and quality - always with the goal of fulfilling your wishes in mind. With exquisite coffees from different countries of the world, we make your coffee enjoyment a very special experience. We roast only the highest quality green coffees according to our proven concept: The still green coffee beans are roasted at low temperature in a drum roaster. This allows them to freely develop their individual aromas during the long-term roasting process - the best basis for a special kind of enjoyment experience.

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