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Women Leadership in the Greater Region. The keys to success according to 100 women leaders

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Countless books and research articles have already been published on the subject of leadership development. So why the need for another book? Simply because there are very few articles, not to mention books, about women’s specific leadership issues – such as mental barriers, prejudices towards the role of women in society, opposition or resistance to female leadership styles, unequal access opportunities to entry and mid-level positions, and of course the demands of family life. There are also no books available yet about the reality faced by many women in Luxembourg and the Greater Region who are looking for guidelines to help them better understand the different roles, requirements, challenges and satisfactions of leadership, while taking into account the obstacles women still face in positions of power and authority. There is a definite need to look at the successes of women from our region and to share their stories with a wider audience. In doing so, I hope this book will encourage women in the Greater Region to connect with each other, advance their careers, balance their professional and family lives, and give leverage to the strengths and skill sets needed in order to be appointed to leadership positions.

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