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Schmit, Sandra: Rights of Spring

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Rights of Spring is the sequel to A Winter Tale. Two months have passed since Charlie moved into her boyfriend Damian's posh London flat. Instead of hopping into bed with men for a living, the enterprising young business student is now fully concentrating on her studies. But before romance makes it all too cosy for comfort, a new challenge knocks on the door: six weeks of practical training at the consulting company of Damian's brother. Soon Charlie is busy juggling cluttered project files, uncomfy work clothes and annoying colleagues. All under the inscrutable eyes of the company director, with whom she shares some steamy history. Also around is Blake, sculptor extraordinaire, with a habit of alienating even the most patient of boyfriends. And just who is the dashingly handsome Contessa, the only woman in Blake's self-centered universe? From the City of London to Manchester's art galleries and Edinburgh's five-star hotels, spring is in the air and the season is claiming its rights.

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