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365 Days Luxembourgish accompanies you in your language learning.
We have created and published specific playful materials for learning Luxembourgish that you can discover and offer to your friends and colleagues who want to learn or improve Luxembourgish in a fun way.
Our 365 Days of Luxembourgish brand reflects our vision of fun and regular learning, ideally every day of the year.

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boulevard du Prince Henri 29
L-1724 Luxembourg

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Monday 13:00-18:00
Tuesday 13:00-18:00
Wednesday 13:00-18:00
Thursday 13:00-18:00
Friday 12:00-18:00
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illustrated books Games Languages
Post-it Sticky notes Luxembourgish Fem + Masc
Made in Luxembourg
3.99 €
Games Language and linguistics books
How do I know you? Who am I?
Made in Luxembourg
13.50 €
Toys & Games Language and linguistics books
365 days to learn Luxembourgish
Made in Luxembourg
7.55 €
17.55 €
Games Language and linguistics books
Déi bescht Lëtzebuerger Spréch
Made in Luxembourg
13.50 €
Language and linguistics books
"Luxembourgish for Beginners" Pack
49.99 €
55.52 €

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