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Espresso tasting set (4 packs of 250 gr.)

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This tasting set includes four different espresso varieties (250 gr. each). An espresso differs depending on the preparation of the green coffee and the location of the plantation (continent, country, estate, microlot) from which it comes. Also the roasting and even the packaging have a great influence. You will notice that the Blends and Single Origins included in this tasting set are completely different. This is exactly the variety we want to show you. We hope you enjoy tasting them. If you have any questions, our team of coffee roasters will be happy to help you

!You will find in the tasting set the following espressos:

each 250 gr.

Espresso Classico (60% Arabica, 40% Canephora)

A real "classic" for the espresso machine. It inspires here with a rich crema and is not too bitter. We recommend using 8 - 9 gr. of finely ground espresso per shot. The perfect extraction time is between 27 and 29 seconds (on 30 ml), at 93° brewing temperature.

Direct Import Espresso (70% Arabica, 30% Canephora)

Very chocolaty and nutty with little acidity and a rich crema. This is our Direct Import Espresso. For this blend, this Blend we use our pulped natural Brazil from the Fazenda Campreste (Bob o Link project) in 2 roasting depths once lighter (more sweetness and fine fruit) once darker (chocolate, roast notes more body) a fully washed coffee from Juan (Colombia, Hacienda El Encanto) and 30% Canephora from the Craigmore Estate which with its strength and its clean characteristics ensures that we have a great crema and a full body (volume).

India Monsooned Malabar AA (Arabica single variety)

The India Monsooned is absolutely low in acidity, impresses with a rich crema, a powerful taste with spicy, slightly earthy, peaty hints. Very exceptional - a rarity from the Malabar region of India.

Brazil Bob-o-link / FAF

A typical Brazilian! Very nutty and full-bodied. But in the Bob-o-link we also find fruity nuances (wild berries & apricot), as well as a fine basic sweetness. The Mundo Novo vermelho, Mundo Novo amarello and Bourbon varieties used for the Brazil Bob-o-link are among the best coffee varieties in the world.

We hope you enjoy our espresso tasting set and that it will give you an idea of the diversity of our coffees / espressos


Each coffee in our roastery has its story when it arrives in our roastery. Exactly this we try to work out and perfectly emphasize with the characteristics during roasting. For the highest coffee enjoyment. At home, in the office or with friends.

we hope you enjoy tasting!

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