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Muppenlux B.A.R.F. Menu Chicken-Turkey "SPONSORED KIDNEY

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FROSTWARE !!! Shipping only Tuesday and Wednesday !!!

Regional - original - luxembourgish - exclusive only at Muppenlux !!!!

More and more dogs have kidney disease and special nutritional parameters have to be observed.
And unfortunately the myth is still being spread that these dogs should be fed a low-protein diet - no! It should be high quality protein and not rumen or by-products such as feathers and hooves, which can also be declared as protein. This inferior protein is metabolized to form ammonia, which is extremely harmful to the liver and kidneys. Grain in any form, even as oil, is not useful for a dog due to the inflammation-promoting omega 6 fatty acids. Especially not for a dog with kidney disease. However, this is often exactly what is contained in ready-made food.

BOUCHERIE KIRSCH now also produces our normal ready-to-eat food menu and ready-to-eat low-fat food menu in the usual high quality:


The composition corresponds to the specifications of a professional BARF plan. A very low proportion of offal, only high-quality muscle meat and eggshell powder guarantee that the kidneys are not burdened with phosphate. Of course, this BARF can also be cooked as it contains no bones if your dog cannot tolerate raw food.
Add to this a high-quality omega-3 oil, cod liver oil, Elements and seaweed meal and nothing stands in the way of a healthy diet.

Due to its special composition, this ready-to-eat meal is suitable for dogs with kidney disease.
It can be fully cooked as no raw bones are used.

MEAT: high quality beef from Luxembourg
Distribution 70 animal part / 30 vegetables

66% lean meat 10-15% fat
3.5% offal
(2% liver, 1.5% heart)
30% cooked vegetable mix
(zucchinis, carrots, cucumber)
0.5% eggshell powder

Even if the product has thawed or defrosted during shipping, it can be refrozen and does not constitute a quality defect. A return / exchange is excluded.

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100% chicken/turkey

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