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Meng éischt 100 Wierder | Mes premiers 100 mots | My first 100 words

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The "Meng éischt 100 Wierder - My first 100 words - Mes premiers 100 mots" flash cards were conceived for children to play with and learn their first words in Luxembourgish, French and/or English. The packaging has the shape of a small suitcase that the young ones can place on their shoulders; it has even some space for some other small toys or coloring pens. The 100 cards have images on one side and the corresponding words in Luxembourgish, French and English on the other side. Children can play with the cards either alone, with other children or with one of the parents. They can be used by children aged 3 or more.

This learning material represents a synthesis of the language school's 15 years of practice in the field of teaching languages in Luxembourg and an expression of our continuous efforts to create the most interesting and useful programs for our clients and partners. This innovative learning tool aims to stimulate people's interest for languages in general and the Luxembourgish language in particular.

The 100 audio files can be donwloaded free of charge from our website below:
Click on "Download audio files" under the description of each learning material.

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