Logitech MX Keys, clavier Wireless + Bluetooth, [FR] AZERTY

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Logitech MX Keys advanced wireless keyboard Discover MX Keys, an advanced wireless backlit keyboard designed for efficiency, stability, and precision. Perfect keystrokes are designed to fit the shape of your fingers, while increased key stability reduces noise while maximizing responsiveness. The tactile reference for hand positioning allows you to better orient your fingers and work more efficiently. Backlit keys light up instantly as your hands approach, and the lighting automatically adjusts to any condition. MX Keys follow your MX Master 3 mouse (or any other Flow-compatible mouse) from computer to computer, so you can type on multiple devices in one smooth workflow. With MX Keys, you're truly in control of your work. PERFECTSROKE™ KEY SYSTEM spherical-shaped keys adapt to the shape of your fingers, providing a smoother, more familiar typing experience COMFORT AND STABILITY with a subtle combination of minimalist design and quality materials, the keyboard is engineered to give you comfort, stability, and accuracy INTELLIGENT BACKLIGHT automatic detection of your hands as you approach and backlit keys for accurate, efficient typing, MULTI RECEIVERS the MX Keys wireless keyboard works on several computers(1) simultaneously and can be combined with MX Master 3 or any other Flow compatible mouse MULTI DEVICE AND MULTI-OS COUPLING use up to 3 PC devices, smartphones or tablets via a USB or Bluetooth® receiver Compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux(2), iOS and Android FAST RECHARGE ultra-fast charging system with USB-C cable that provides up to 10 days of battery life on full charge(3) or up to 5 months with backlight mode off MX KEYS + MX MASTER 3 enjoy a better working experience by combining your MX Master 3 wireless mouse with the MX Keys keyboard for optimal user comfort


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