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Le Tellier, Hervé: The Anomaly

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THE NO. 1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER. WINNER OF THE 2020 PRIX GONCOURT. 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD.'Just when you think you've worked it out . . . well, you probably haven't' DAILY MAIL'Mind-bending. Written with page-turning conviction' THE TIMES'A mind-bending, prize-winning speculative thriller' GUARDIAN'An intoxicating mix of the magical and life's big questions' FINANCIAL TIMES_______No one knows how it happened. But it'll change their lives forever . . .During a terrifying storm, Air France flight 006 - inexplicably - duplicates.For every passenger, there are now two: a double with the same mind, body and memories.Only one thing sets them apart - while one plane lands in March, the other doesn't arrive until June.Nothing can explain this unprecedented event. But for each duplicated passenger, an impossible moment of reckoning awaits.If there are two of you, and just one life . . . who gets to live it?______New York Times: Best Thriller of the YearPublishers Weekly: Best Thriller of the YearLit Hub: Favourite Book of the YearCrimeReads: Best International Crime Novel of the YearPopSugar: Best Mystery/Thriller of the MonthReaders LOVE The Anomaly:'I absolutely loved this thrilling, addictive book' 5* Reader Review'This book spun my head. Fascinating, fantastic and thought provoking' 5* Reader Review'I absolutely love this book. It's a one-of-a-kind story, with perfect pacing. I would highly recommend' 5* Reader Review'An incredible read - intriguing and original. Keeps you fascinated until the very last page' 5* Reader Review'A brilliant read . . . So cleverly written' 5* Reader Review


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