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Harvard Business Review Publ.

Gallo, Amy: Getting Along How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People)

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Women at Work podcast host and HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict author Amy Gallo explains and illustrates the eight different types of difficult people we encounter at work and provides expert insight, advice, and techniques for dealing with them and improving our working relationships.Universally relevant work-related topic.Appealing MBTI-type framework of recognizable difficult people types at work.Based on interviews, coaching experience, personal experience, latest research.Lots of practically-oriented content, advice, lists, tips, techniques to help readers.Very well-written and engaging.Audience: Broad general business audience, anyone working in an organization with multiple working relationships with bosses and colleagues. Primarily for individuals but also a positive, constructive approach that will have appeal to HR.People who are struggling with relationships at work. This can include anyone from leaders and managers to front-line workers, as well as those who serve as coaches, consultants or professional advisors.Leaders who are responsible for managing and developing others will be able to use this book not only to improve their own relationships but to coach people below them as well. It's common for direct reports to appeal to their managers for advice, guidance, and occasionally intervention when dealing with a difficult coworker but a recent CIPD study showed that the chances of a manager making a conflict situation worse are just as good as the odds of them providing useful guidance. This book will help managers who want to support the people on their team and create stronger relationships.Coaches, HR, and leadership development professionals whose profession requires them to help others navigate relationships. This book will provide them with guidance on how to help their clients deal with a challenging but crucial relationship at work. Leadership coaches can use the advice in this book to support their clients.


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