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Funny Day at the Zoo (ENG) - Language adventures

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KEYNOTEAn adventure-filled, screen-free, interactive talking book that teachespreschoolers and toddlers English! Kids can press, listen, and learn along;the touch of a little finger on paper magically allows them to hear clearnative speaker pronunciation and toe-tapping tunes produced by a 4-time Grammy Award winner.BOOK DESCRIPTIONA little boy spends the day at the zoo with his mommy and inseparablebunny sidekickbut wait! Something funny is going on here! Will mommycatch on? Or will it remain a little boys (and his bunnys) secret forever?This book talks to kids, and teaches our youngest learners English, allwithout the need for screens, CDs, or pens! With the help ofrevolutionary and seamless paper technology, kids simply touch thepaper in an eco-friendly, safety-tested board book, and TA-DA! itmagically comes to life with 12 animal English vocabulary words, nativespeaker pronunciation, real animal sound effects vetted by the SanFrancisco Zoo, and all-original music produced by 4-time Grammy Awardwinner Jesse Lewis.On each page, families can explore a mix of printed words, spoken words,crisp sound effects including real animal sounds, a story told throughillustrations, and seek-and-find activities. The book sharpens hand-eyecoordination and fine motor skills as well as vocabulary, and is endorsedby native-speaking linguists and educators.Help your child succeed in our global world; introduce them to languagesin an engaging, immersive and enjoyable waywhether or not you speakthe language yourself.


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