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1940s short stories (Book Guide)

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Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (stories not included). Pages: 125. Chapters: 1940 short stories, 1941 short stories, 1942 short stories, 1943 short stories, 1944 short stories, 1945 short stories, 1946 short stories, 1947 short stories, 1948 short stories, 1949 short stories, Leaf by Niggle, Farmer Giles of Ham, By His Bootstraps, -We Also Walk Dogs, The Roads Must Roll, If This Goes On-, It's Great to Be Back!, Blowups Happen, Requiem, The Black Pits of Luna, Logic of Empire, Delilah and the Space Rigger, Coventry, Gentlemen, Be Seated!, The Green Hills of Earth, Ordeal in Space, -And He Built a Crooked House, Our Fair City, Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, The Library of Babel, Waldo, The Lottery, Venus Equilateral, The Garden of Forking Paths, Nightfall, Magic, Inc., Solution Unsatisfactory, Funes the Memorious, The Roaring Trumpet, The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, Vintage Season, With Folded Hands, Half-Breed, Mother Earth, The Mound, Black Friar of the Flame, The Enormous Radio, Chí Phèo, The Aleph, Evidence, Robbie, First Contact, The Mathematics of Magic, The Wheels of If, Excelsior, Finished, The Geranium, Little Lost Robot, The Colorful Character, Runaround, The Theologians, The Bread, Killdozer!, Miriam, Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed, Microcosmic God, My Trial as a War Criminal, The Inverted Forest, The Immortal, Arena, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Signs and Symbols, Half-Breeds on Venus, Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon, Mimsy Were the Borogoves, A Distant Episode, Death and the Compass, May Day Eve, The Laughing Man, The Callistan Menace, Vault of the Beast, Gulf, Uncommon Sense, History Lesson, Liar!, Blind Alley, The Entity, Christmas on Ganymede, Reason, The Circular Ruins, Tales of the South Pacific, Catch That Rabbit, Three Versions of Judas, Escape!, Fingerprint Ghost, Run, Melos!, The Small Assassin, A Boy in France, Homo Sol, Not Final, Just Before the War with the Eskimos, The Thing in the Moonlight, The Animal-Cracker Plot, It!, The Greatest Gift, The Secret Miracle, Victory Unintentional, Saisonbeginn, The House of Asterion, Marionettes, Inc., Farewell to the Master, Breaking Strain, The Imaginary, The Lotus Eater, The Moth and the Star, The Crows of Pearblossom, Rescue Party, Fever Dream, Ring Around the Sun, A Logic Named Joe, The Man Who Traveled in Elephants, The Form of the Sword, Super-Neutron, An Examination of the Work of Herbert Quain, Hide-and-Seek, Backstage Lensman, Knock, Lost Legacy, Loophole, The Lottery in Babylon, On Exactitude in Science, Huddling Place, Mars is Heaven!, Pretzel, Time Pussy, Down at the Dinghy, The Dead Man, The Hazing, Deadline, Goldfish Bowl, The Secret Sense, The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl, The Exiles, Charles, He Walked Around the Horses, That Only a Mother, Robot AL-76 Goes Astray, The Magnificent Possession, A Worn Path, Not with a Bang, Death Sentence, Heredity, Jerry Was a Man, Cutty Sark, House Taken Over, The Forgotten Enemy, The Weapon Shop, Poor Daddy, Taste, Beware of the Dog, Sweet Ermengarde, The Red Queen's Race, Slight Rebellion off Madison, Venus and the Seven Sexes, Averroes's Search, The Magic Foxhole, The Transition of Juan Romero, No Connection, Elaine, A Girl I Knew, The Tree on the Hill, The Crop, Alas, Poor Maling, Stellar Ships, Let There Be Light, Space Jockey, Wildcat, The Turkey, Theme of the Traitor and the Hero, Buying Mittens, Inheritance, The Train, The Peeler, Deutsches Requiem, The Scythe, Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut, I'm Crazy, Th...


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